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The Journal | The New Design Classics


We all know the classics: the icons that last for a lifetime, where some of them may be worth more as time passes by.

Looking back it's clear to see why the classics have become classics; some of the designs have challenged the status quo and changed our way of thinking about interiors and materials. Others have had a more quiet life but are to this day still respected because of the craftsmanship and details that's gone into making it. 

With that in mind we're having a look at what could become the new design classics. 


01. The ASAP chair designed by Foersom & Hiort Lorenzen for Paustian Furniture

The ASAP Chair is the winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2012. The seat frame and back are manufactured in the environmentally friendly and UV resistant ASA plastic and the frame is powder-coated steel in either white or black.

ASAP chair by Johannes Foersom and Peter Hjort-Lorenzen




02. Reykjavik Daybed by Included Middle for Skagerak

Reykjavik Daybed is inspired by the colours and distinctive architecture on Iceland. The bed frame is made from solid German Douglas Pine from Dinesen while the woollen upholstery is from Kvadrat. What a great combination.

1560020 Reykjavik Daybed



03. Glass Lamp by Matias Moellenbach

Glass Lamp is made up entirely of mouth blown glass. It’s constructed from 2 pieces of glass with the shade sliding into the base part, fixing itself in place. The joint is at the centre of the lamp with the shade coming out covering a circular light source. When lit, the semi-transparency reflects the light and lights up the entire body. Beautiful.


Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 20.45.33


View Glass Lamp in the shop by clicking here



04. Stool by Space Copenhagen for Mater

A soft organic look and high comfort. The stool is made from FSC-certified wood and makes a great sustainable design buy. 

Mater low stool


05. The Norr Magazine Holder by Ditte Buus Nielsen for Skagerak

Norr Magazine Holder in oak combines functionality and aesthetics, as you can easily store and display magazines, small items and books on the wall. A leather ribbon makes sure that the items stays in place.

Norr Magazin holder by Ditte Buus Nielsen for Skagerak


06. The Trinidad Chair by Nanna Ditzel for Fredericia Furniture

This one from the 90's. Nanna Ditzels designed the Trinidad chair in 1993 and it is still being introduced in new colours and wood types. It's a popular chair that plays with light and shadow. 


07. Knock Out Tables by Friends & Founders

This table is designed by Ida Linea Hildebrand. She's been playing with geometric forms; the square and the circle. The result is a simple and beautifully designed table. 

Friends and founders table


08. Candela by Francisco Gomez Paz for Astep

Candela continues the long tradition of Scandinavian flame luminaries by advancing the product with 21st century technology. From the heat of the flame, Candela produces its own electricity to provide cosy LED illumination, while harvesting energy to charge mobile devices via USB Type A Port. Candela is powered by bioethanol, a renewable fuel made from plants.


Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 20.44.46


View Candela in the shop by clicking here



09. The Essay Table by Cecilie Manz for Fritz Hansen

Form, simplicity and materials are the focal points here. No more words needed. 





10. Swoon Lounge Chair by Space Copenhagen for Fredericia Furniture

Space Copenhagen is a design studio based in Copenhagen, founded in 2004 by Peter Bundgaard Rützou and Signe Bindslev Henriksen. This lounge chair is an elegant mix of the classic and modern. It's definitely here to stay.




11. Pavilion Chair by Anderssen & Voll for &Tradition

Torbjørn Anderssen and Espen Voll wanted to link early modernism with new modernism. “The Pavilion chair has an airy feeling, with slim arms and legs that give it a light appearance,” explains Voll. “A softer aesthetic in a curvaceous silhouette that’s barely there.” The effect is lyrical, graceful and poetic. Almost like a tied rope that has come undone.




12. Coat stand by STUDIO 0405 for Made By Hand. 

STUDIO 0405 is a Copenhagen-based architecture and design firm working in spatial design. Coat Stand is inspired by Japanese joinery as well as an interest in products that are easy to put away if you don’t need them and easy to use when you do - perfect for the modern consumer. 


Not in stores yet.




What do you think will be the new classics? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 


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Featured image copyright Astep


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