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The Journal | Mette Duedahl - A Tribute to Functionality

Some people are craftsmen at heart and Mette Duedahl is one of those people. Working in the field of ceramics and photography her work captures the beauty in the authentic and simple. Her studio on Bornholm is her focal point and the raw nature the island possess is reflected in her ceramic work. From cups to vases everything Mette Duedahl does is a tribute to functionality.


Mette Duedahl is a Danish ceramicist who graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in 2011. After working in a Copenhagen-based studio she recently moved her family and her workshop to the island of Bornholm in the Baltic sea, a little community with a creative vibe.


View all ceramics by Mette Duedahl here



Mette Duedahl | Blog Post | Land Collection2 Photo credit: Mette Duedahl - Landscape


Mette Duedahl | Blog Post | Land Collection2

Photo credit: Mette Duedahl - The LAND Collection



Mette is originally trained as a photographer, which explains her incredibly talented eye for capturing the wildness on Bornholm through her images. Images that suit her ceramics very beautifully: Mette's ceramics have a close connection to the nordic nature, it’s wilderness and beautiful textures and colours. Mette's colour palette is at the same time timeless and authentic. 

Switching from photography to ceramics gave Mette the 3-dimensional work form she was longing for. When working as a photographer she felt an element was lacking for her to convey aesthetics in the way she wanted and she found that working with ceramics enables her to work with aesthetics, that is so important to her, but on a more functional level. To Mette designing products is about honesty and simplicity. She pays close attention to the materials used, the manufacturing and in the purpose of use.



Mette Duedahl | Blog Post | Land Collection

Photo credit: Mette Duedahl - The LAND Collection


Mette Duedahl | Blog Post | Land Collection

Photo credit: Mette Duedahl - Landscape



The purpose of use is one of the reasons why we like Mette Duedahl’s ceramics so much. Mette is clearly aware of her impact as a creator, and she feels a great responsibility when putting new objects into the world: to Mette it’s important that the things she create are not just another piece of ceramics - it needs to possess the qualities needed to be an appreciated tool in people’s everyday life, something that people would love, cherish and keep because it brings value in their daily life.

NABO is proud to stock Mette Duedahl ceramics because we like design objects made by people with a vision and who feel passionate about what they do. Where design is a process of reflection, consideration and thoughtfulness. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Mette Duedahl but we’re sure it will bring more beautiful and useful everyday products for us to enjoy. 




Chestnut Bowl by Mette Duedahl - The LAND Collection 



We've chosen to stock all three colours in The LAND Collection: Chestnut, Eggshell and Pertrol. The colours can be combined in every way you wish or you can stick to your favourite colour (we kinda like when there’s possibilities of adding a personal touch to how you put things together).


If you want to look at all ceramics from The LAND collection by Mette Duedahl you can find them in the shop here. 




Thank you Mette Duedahl for letting us use some of your beautiful images.

You can also find Mette Duedahl’s via her instagram profile where you can see more of her working life on Bornholm.


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