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The Journal | Anne Nowak - A Fascination Towards the Outer Hemisphere

Copenhagen based artist, Anne Nowak, works with fine art, interior decoration and murals. Her aesthetics reflect a fascination towards the outer hemisphere. Although Nowak is working in materials as different as paper, mirrors and fabric and with different techniques such as screen printing, drawing, spraypainting and cyanotype it's always rooted in the same aesthetics. The hemisphere brings her endless inspiration and the outcome is poetic micro universes that draw the viewer in. 


Anne Nowak's pieces Haze and Hazy Pink are now part of the NABOshop collection. The pictures are the only one of their kind as they are part of a series of variants all with their own scale of either darkness and pink. Haze and Hazy Pink are both spray painted with acrylic paint (and Haze with matt coal as well) on Hahnemühle paper.  

Anne Nowak | Hazy Pink and Haze | Danish artist with studio in Copenhagen

Haze by Anne Nowak available at NABOshop


The measurements on Haze and Hazy Pink vary around 79 x 108 cm. as Anne Nowak gently tears her artworks out of large paper pieces. The paper itself is very delicate and it's recommended to frame it right away without touching it at all. Both art pieces works beautifully in white wooden frames but if you're unsure what to go for you can check out the guide How to Find the Perfect Frame For Your Art Work. It's all a matter of preference, really. 


Anne Nowak | Hazy Pink and Haze | Danish artist with studio in Copenhagen

Hazy Pink by Anne Nowak available at NABOshop


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Photo courtesy: Anne Nowak


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