The Journal | Introducing NABO

November 11 2018


The Journal | The New Design Classics

October 10 2018

We all know the classics: the icons that last for a lifetime, where some of them may be worth more as time passes by.

Looking back it's clear to see why the classics have become classics; some of...

The Journal | Creating a Home With Room For Life

October 10 2018

Creating a home with room for life is a topic that we're very passionate about here at NABO. We like to say it's in our DNA; as Danes we spend a good chunk of time each year indoors, at home, so...

The Journal | Our Best Tips for Decorating a Small Space

September 09 2018

Decorating a small space can be challenging; it can be difficult to get organised and make your personality shine through when you have very little space to be creative with. However, living in a...

The Journal | A Design Enthusiast's Guide to the Best Museums in Copenhagen

September 09 2018

Copenhagen is full to the brim with museums; some of them well-known some of them not so known. It can be hard to find out which museums are worth a visit and which aren’t so this guide is a list...

The Journal | Practical Stuff You Want to Know When Going to Copenhagen

September 09 2018

Copenhagen is my second home and even though I don’t live there anymore I still like to stay in the know of the things that is happening in the city. I frequently get asked questions about...

The Journal | How to spend 24 hours in Copenhagen

September 09 2018

Let's talk about Copenhagen, shall we. Even though it's been almost 5 years since I moved abroad, Copenhagen still feels like home to me. Every time I go back I'm reminded of how laid back...

The Journal | Anne Nowak - A Fascination Towards the Outer Hemisphere

September 09 2018

Copenhagen based artist, Anne Nowak, works with fine art, interior decoration and murals. Her aesthetics reflect a fascination towards the outer hemisphere. Although Nowak is working in materials...

The Journal | Everything You Need to Know About Framing Artwork

September 09 2018

Framing is an art in itself. The right frame, mount and glass can truly enhance the appearance of an artwork. This article is meant as a helping hand whether you want to frame your artwork...

The Journal | Mette Duedahl - A Tribute to Functionality

September 09 2018

Some people are craftsmen at heart and Mette Duedahl is one of those people. Working in the field of ceramics and photography her work captures the beauty in the authentic and simple. Her studio...

The Journal | The Best Independent Interior Shops in Copenhagen

September 09 2018

Copenhagen is a great place to visit if you're interested in design, art and culture. Denmark is often associated with the old classics and it's sadly often the big shops that attract people who...

The Journal | What to Look For When Buying Danish Vintage Furniture

September 09 2018

Shopping vintage furniture isn't easy. In fact, it can take years to get to know all the dos and don'ts when it comes to sourcing and purchasing vintage furniture. Nobody wants to spend a good...

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